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Easy to Use
Rain Bird’s legendary Extra Simple Programming makes tailoring a watering schedule for your unique landscape foolproof.


Smart WiFi Connectivity
Internet-based weather data adjusts irrigation schedules on a daily basis for up to 30% water savings.


Easy To Expand
Expandable to 22 zones, the ESP-Me WiFi Compatible Modular Controller can easily accommodate any future
landscape needs.

ESP-ME WiFi Compatible Modular Controller

Simple, flexible, reliable.

At Rain Bird, it is our responsibility to develop products and technologies that promote the efficient use of water. The ESP-Me WiFi Compatible Modular Controller carries on a long commitment to the Intelligent Use of Water™.

With the ESP-Me’s new WiFi capability, you can access, control and monitor your irrigation system from anywhere in the world. Historical and real time Internet-based weather data can be used to adjust watering schedules automatically on a daily basis. This results in up to 30% water savings.